Eating corner/L-shaped couch

Eating corner Drawers in the couch Sliding doors View from low angle

For my current appartment I needed a cosy corner for eating, playing games, etc. It must use the space efficiently, yet it has to be stylish. In general I like simple designs, they tend to be elegant.

Another consideration is that I probably won't live here forever. When taking apart, the parts should also be more or less usable in another setting.

Early designs

This one is my very first impression of how the eating corner will be like.

very first impression

Second impression... less fluffy, simpler design (but still not simple enough).

second impression


Yes I really wanted it to be an L-shaped couch! It's like a dream come true.. It must be realizable :)

I drawed my initial ideas on paper, later I made a stetch with Sketchup to get a good feeling of the ideas that i had. Finally I came up with a 3-part furniture design for the base: 1 small chest of drawers and 2 closets of 1m long with sliding doors. Materials consist of birch plywood (berken multiplex), which I use a lot for all kinds of projects. I really like the light wood color and the structure of this material!

The top of the table was already finished, it only needed new legs. It now has temporary legs made of mdf at a height of about 40cm. The table is gonna be pretty close to the couch. The legs have to be supportive, but they must not get in the way when moving "in" and "out".




After a lot of internet research about a soft sitting plane I finally ended up in a nice store called Kenton ( in Utrecht. The woman who worked there helped me a lot by explaining different types of foams and let me try them as well. I chose the polyurathane-type foam ("koudschuim"). They also sell leather cloth, which I was planning to use anyway. So I explained the situation and got home with the first parts of my future eating corner!

Next I needed a hard underground to glue the foam on. I used 18mm MDF for this purpose: it's cheap and easy to work with. You won't see anything of it anyway. 

Together with drawings of the base, I made a planning for cutting the MDF and the birch plywood. I finally needed 1 piece of MDF (122x244cm) and 2 pieces of birch plywood (122x244cm). Other stuff I needed was rails for the sliding doors (ikea) and rails for the drawers (praxis).

Glue & Cover up

The seat consists of 2 parts, which form the L shape when putting together. Each part has a 45 degrees angle. I made holes in them, to prevent the "gassing sound" when you sit down on the couch. The foam was glued with a "spray-glue" which came with the foam. 

Okay all done... now for the cover up! I haven't done this before so I was a little nervous. Just start with the least important parts, then with the big parts.

Soft seat Finished seatings

Making the base

All corner joints were made with dowels. One after another, one after another. The 3 furniture parts together is a lot of work!

Work in progress...

Making the table legs

Whoops... I made a miscalculation when cutting the birch plywood! The legs won't fit on the board, except when I make the legs in pieces. I need 2 legs and each leg was made by glueing 2 pieces together. The final result is a 36mm thick birch plywood Eiffel tower-shape leg!

Table legs upside-down

Expandable table

The table can become a round table! Now a few more people can sit at the table.

Expanded table


Putting it all together

Finally! My works seems to be paying off! The puzzle-pieces are literally coming together to form my eating corner! I finished all parts with oil.


Summing up:

- L shaped couch with room for 3-4 people. It is about 1m wide and 2m long.
- polyurethane-type foams ("koudschuim") seat (thickness 4cm) back side (thickness 2cm)
- off-white leather cloth cover
- storage beneath the couch behind drawers and sliding doors
- expandable table
- finished using natural oil

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