Fostex FE164 TQWT speaker

fe164 tqwt

Here's a brief photo-report of my recent speaker project: Fostex fe164's in a TQWT enclosure.


  • 1220mmx2440mmx18mm piece of OSB (some kind of 'multiplex')
  • 2x Fostex fe164 driver units
  • Speaker terminals, oil finish, "BAF" damping

Full range

This project uses "full range speakers", this means that there is only one speaker per channel. The main advantage is that the electronics are very simple, there is no crossover. Also, full range speakers are relatively sensitive. The downside is that the enclosure needed is relatively big.

The process

Pieces of wood and gluing them:

Just pieces of wood Gluing

Almost finished, the speaker units barely fit in the holes!!

Almost finished!

The really almost finished product, note the bigger TQWT's in the background.

Really almost finished

Update 20070313: The plans. For damping I only used a little piece of "BAF" to put in the front part of the cabinet. I finished it using oil. I'm very satisfied with the final product!<br>

TQWT plans

Update 20080422: Final product in a new environment. I finished it with oil (see top).

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