AX84 Firefly

Firefly Firefly naked

Here's a brief photo-report of my amplifier project: the FireFly project from the AX84 website.


  • 2x12ax7 tubes, 12au7 output tube, hammond 125A output transformer, torodial power transformer
  • power ratings 0.5 watt clean, 1.5 watt overdrive
  • foot switchable Boost using relays. when no footswitch is available, Boost can be selected by pulling the volume knob
  • 4 or 8 ohm output

I get a lot of questions about the parts (especially the torodial transformer). Well, it got them from: Tube-Town online store

Sound samples:

boogie (on fender 112 cab)

mini solo (on fender 112 cab)

normal and boost (celestion greenback 20w)

The story

OK I am crazy... I'm planning to build this amplifier in a 203mmx102mmx51mm chassis...

Small chassis

(almost) all stuff together.

building has begun!

Start soldering

building halfway... it's already getting crowdy inside


almost finished!

some debugging


compare it to the blue vibe! some thought the blue vibe is small...

Blue vibe comparison

the FireFly LOVES 15" speakers =) Carl seems to agree

Carl agrees

the cover... for the ones who recognises it... it's cut from the famous lafayette 224b :)

finally the amp has protection!

the firefly at work with the fender 112 cabinet. CUUUTE!!

Firefly and Fender 112 cabinet


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