Radio Shack 40-1197

finished speaker almost finished

A TQWT (Tapered Quarter Wave Tube) is some kind of a combination between a horn and a bass reflex type enclosure. This is my very first (serious) speaker project!

a bunch of mdf gluing speaker internals speaker internals speaker internals


  • 18mm MDF enclosure
  • Dampening using "BAF" and "tyrofoam"
  • Radio Shack 40-1197 units

Full range

This project uses "full range speakers", this means that there is only one speaker per channel. The main advantage is that the electronics are very simple, there is no crossover. Also, full range speakers are relatively sensitive. The downside is that the enclosure needed is relatively big. Also, these small speakers will not go very low.

Listening impressions

Sound positioning is very good. Especially voices and acoustic guitar parts sound clear and precise. The main disadvantage is that the lows are very weak, but it was kind of expected.

Finished in 2004


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