First time sewing a skirt

unfinished jeans skirt finished jeans skirt

A jeans skirt for my good friends. It seems like a new challenge! After woodworking and working with other "hard" materials, it's time to make some soft things :)

I'm really new to sewing, so I decided to start with a real simple thing: a skirt! I could make my friends happy with it, so why not? First I got the sewing machine to shorten my curtains, now I'm expanding the sewing experience!

I got this jeans fabric from the fabric market in Utrecht, which is open every week. This market is the oldest fabric market in the Netherlands, it is held for about 400 years.

For the patterns I copied an existing skirt. The main trick was to put the skirt inside-out, draw the patterns and cut out the patterns accurately. I actually made 2 versions of the skirt, I put my experiences from the first one into the second one. Any questions? Just ask!

Todo: photo's of my friends wearing the skirts!

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