Ax84 SEL tube guitar amplifier

ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel

A relatively simple combo amp with 2x10" speakers and a single ended poweramp with switchable 3rd gain stage.


The goal is to eliminate the need for external stomp boxes (lead sound). Also, I wanted 2 speakers for a thick sound, but in a relatively small cabinet. One amp to rule them all!


  • Guitar combo amp
  • Jatoba hardwood for cabinet, with birch plywood front
  • 2x10" (Eminence Ramrod and The Copperhead) speakers
  • foot switchable 3rd gain stage
  • variable power tube (kt88/6L6/el34/6v6), bias control
  • 20 watts (with kt88)
  • analogue meter to keep an eye on the tube, also for biasing!

Sound samples

high gain, g1 and g2 pretty far up!

Building the amplifier

First, some dry fitting some components and making the chassis. The cassis was made from 1.5mm aluminum.

ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel

To make the layout as clean as possible, I made a so-called turret board.

ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel ax84 sel

The cabinet

The cabinet was made from jatoba hardwood. To make it challenging and beautiful, I used dove-tail joints to join the parts together. The front and the back is made from birch plywood

ax84 sel ax84 sel

To make the sound thick, I chose 2 different units: The Eminence Ramrod and the Eminence The Copperhead.

ax84 sel


Listening impressions

I use a 6L6 JJ tube as the powertube, which gives about 10w of power. This is precisely enough for our practice room!

The sound is very clear. The gain1 and gain2 controls let you decide what balance to use between the Clean and High gain mode, it is very useful. The High gain mode really screams, it's very full. Everything you play is audible, so you better play good!

One small negative thing that I found is that the sound has relatively much high tones, I usually turn the treble and the middle down. Maybe I'll tweak the amp later...

Overall impression: very satisfied!

Finished Q4, 2009

ax84 sel


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